What To Expect From Crypto Unicorns:
The Complete Overview

If you’re on the lookout for new play-to-earn games, Crypto Unicorns should be on your watch list. With its attractive graphics and exciting gameplay, it’s easy to see why this game is being talked about even before launch. In this blog post, we’ll give you a brief overview of what to expect from Crypto Unicorns so that you can decide if it’s the right game for you. Keep in mind that while the game is free to play, there are opportunities to earn real money by participating in its unique rewards system. So let’s get started!

What Exactly Is “Crypto Unicorns”?

Crypto Unicorns is a farming simulation play-to-earn game based on the Polygon blockchain, which is actually built on the Ethereum Mainnet.

The game is based on unique NFTs in the form of fictional creatures called Unicorns. Players can buy unicorns, grow them, put them to work (farming), and even involve them in battle loops.


The gameplay revolves around farming land NFTS that players can buy, customize, and build a thriving neighborhood. Moreover, players can combine their lands with other players to further increase the price of the neighborhood while getting the feeling of a real-world social society.

What Is The Role Of Unicorns?

Unicorns are strong, fast, and highly efficient creatures with unique body features. Their horns, for example, work exceptionally well to dig soil, keep it fertilized, and thus help in farming.

Players can use these unicorn NFTs as a working army that works on their farms and boost their productive yields (berries). Moreover, unicorns can also work to improve the quality of buildings.

For example, unicorns can work in the workshop to craft materials for basic development needs. They start their life cycle as eggs, hatch into babies, and eventually evolve into adults. 

Where Did These Unicorns Come From?

Young unicorn babies hatch from genesis eggs and then evolve into high-performing adults. Crypto Unicorns’ developers released 10,000 genesis eggs to be purchased by early community members in a pre-sale back in November 2021. These unicorns can breed up to eight times in their lifecycle. But breeding the unicorns comes at a cost. You would need unicorn milk, normal berries, and rainbow tokens for the breeding process.

Classes: There are nine total Unicorn Classes .

Six Primary Classes :

  • Heart
  • Cloud
  • Flower
  • Candy
  • Crystal
  • Moon

Three Hidden Classes

  • Rainbow
  • OmNom
  • Star

Genes :

The game developers have employed real-life reproduction aspects to the game. So, when you breed two adult unicorns, the genes from both partners are passed down to the newborn unicorn egg, which is, in fact, an NFT.

These genes equip the unicorn with a unique set of skills that becomes useful in different aspects of the game.

The genes are categorized into three types:

  • Major Genes have the highest chances of being passed down.
  • Normal Genes have a lower chance of moving into the next generation than major genes but have higher chances than minor genes.

Minor genes have the lowest probability of being transferred down to the offspring.

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How Does A Typical Farm Look Like?

How Does A Typical
Farm Look Like?

A farm is every player’s home inside the Crypto Unicorn Metaverse that comes with complete customizability. Players get to include different amenities or buildings on their farms, including workshops, nurseries, stables, and farming plots for crops and plantations. How do these buildings develop? That’s where Unicorns play their part and help the players develop their land to increase the plot’s productive output.

Key Features Of The Farm:

Let’s look at all the features of a farm individually:

Farm-Slots-NFT (1)

1. Farm Plots or Farm Slots :

In this area of the farm, players can grow class berries that ultimately help in crafting. Three types of farms are available in the game’s metaverse, including:

Basic Farms: These farms produce normal berries and have a slight chance of producing one specific class berry.

Basic Farms: These farms produce normal berries and have a slight chance of producing one specific class berry.

Mythic Farms: These farms produce normal berries and have a chance of producing one of any of the class berries.

2. Stables :

Stables are exactly what they are in real life – the place where (animals) unicorns live. Inside the game, the players can see all of their unicorn NFTs in the stable. This is where the unicorns are grouped together for future battles. Moreover, players need to continuously work on upgrading the stable to increase the energy levels of the unicorns.

3. Workshops :

The workshops are important because this is the place that players will use to craft basic building materials and breeding boosters. Again, unicorns will be working in the workshops, which will cost the players Unicorn Energy (just as humans would use energy for harvesting crops or farming) and a certain time.

So, you need to be mindful of your unicorn’s energy and the available materials. Once the production time is over, the workshop produces normal materials, with a slight probability of yielding class materials sometimes.

4. Nurseries :

Similar to children’s nurseries, where babies are kept under medical care, the nurseries in the Crypto Unicorns are the places where unicorns breed and new unicorns are born.

The Gameplay

What Is The Gameplay Like?

Crypto Unicorns is essentially a pet gathering and farming game where owners can customize their lands, build quality buildings, and buy more unicorns. Currently, the game offers three types of gameplay.

Jousting Gameplay

This exciting gameplay will feature jousting tournaments with 16 or 32 players battling it out in a live event. The developers have already hinted at increasing the number of players to 64 or more to enhance the fun and competition. Some of these events might be free, while others will definitely charge entry fees payable in UNIM (an ERC20 Token used to breed and evolve Unicorns) or RBW (Rainbow Token).

Racing Gameplay

Racing events will include race tracks with different attributes like the class of unicorns, distance, weather, and other parameters to make the events exciting. Just like the jousting events, the number of participants will vary, but the events will surely be entertaining and financially rewarding.

Battle Gameplay

This gameplay will not be immediately released but is in the pipeline and will be released in the 4th quarter of this year. Like all battle gameplays, unicorns from one land will be up against unicorns of other lands and try to protect their homeland. For this gameplay, developers have planned entertaining PvE (Players vs. Environment) and PvP (Players vs. Players) attributes.

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How Can You Earn Rewards/Money From The Game?

Crypto Unicorns offers many ways to earn tokens, cryptocurrency, or NFTs. These include:

  • Growing class berries and selling them
  • Crafting different kinds of materials (building, breeding, and evolution) and selling them
  • Crafting Upgrade materials
  • Participating in Racing and Jousting Events
  • PvE and PvP battles

Moreover, Laguna Games will also launch 99 rare eggs. These will grow into unicorns with unique features and have more strength than the others. Players will also indirectly make more money from these unicorns when they win racing or jousting tournaments. Apart from these, players can always sell their land NFTs, unicorn NFTs, and other assets and earn money.

Who Developed The Game?

The team behind Crypto Unicorns is none other than the famed Laguna Games – a brand with a rich history of game development. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Aron Beierschmitt, is a seasoned developer and a well-reputed professional in the gaming industry.

For a long period, they have been developing free-to-play games, but now as the blockchain gaming industry is rapidly rising, Laguna Games has also come forward with their first-ever Play-To-Earn project.

Since the company has the backing and financial support of some notable VC Companies like Polygon Studios and Delphi Digital, this new project has enormous upside potential and could be a massive hit.

Game Success

Will The Game Succeed?

The game is yet to be released but already looks like a hit. Let’s look at a few upsides that could help the game be successful.

  • A seasoned and expert development team is behind the game.
  • The overall gameplay of the game is sustainable and exciting for users.
  • The game’s overall tokenomics (mechanics of how the asset works) is strong and incentivizes the purchasing and holding of the tokens.
  • The game will be chain agnostic and EVM compatible, allowing players to trade in multiple chains.
  • The game offers generous and user-friendly rights to NFT holders.

With that said, there are a few concerns too. Since users are yet to test the actual gameplay, there could be a difference between what the whitepaper promises and the actual experience. Also, the blockchain gaming industry is evolving fast, so there is a huge responsibility on the developers’ shoulders. They need to be fully committed and prepared for further development in the game mechanics and user experience.

Final Thoughts

The overall gameplay, characters, rewards, tournaments, and everything seems to be really exciting and engaging for the players. The unicorn breeding process, development of farms, and materials crafting will definitely help players remain engaged in the game and offer good returns. Plus, since we all agree that the blockchain gaming and metaverse future will definitely be cross-chain, Laguna Games’ plan to integrate it seems to be a wise decision for the project’s long-term success.  These things will definitely intrigue players to devote time to this play-to-earn game.