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Best NFT Games for Playing to Earn

Today, NFT games are a craze, so we’re giving you some of the best NFT games for playing to earn.

These have already appeared some years ago, but they boomed recently because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us had to be, or are still stuck at home. So, the idea of earning while having fun makes these NFT games a huge hit.

In this article, we’re not only giving you the best games to play and earn. We’ll also help you better understand what NFT’s are, what these games are all about, and a lot more.

But if you’re new to NFT gaming and everything still sounds confusing to you, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Let’s start off with what NFT is to give you a better understanding of it.

What is NFT in the First Place?

It isn’t a surprise if you’ve come across the term NFT multiple times while browsing online. But if you’re wondering what it really is, it stands for “non-fungible tokens”.

To put it simply, you can consider NFTs as exceptionally distinct assets or properties in the digital world. You can buy and sell these like every other property, but there’s a difference between the two. NFTs are intangible assets and have no form of their own.

Identifying Your NFTs

When it comes to your physical assets, these are easier to identify compared to digital ones. But with NFTs, there’s a way to do this.

NFTs let you confirm its existence, validity, and source of unique digital assets through the blockchain fashion.

Here, records on each unique digital asset are kept and organized on the blockchain. It goes together with all the information linked to the associated owner.

And because it’s on the blockchain, you know that everything is safe, immutable, secure, and entirely transparent.


Simplifying NFTs

Now you’re probably wondering, “if there are NFTs, then that means there are fungible tokens too, right?”.

Yes, there are fungible tokens and one good example is cryptocurrencies. They’re fungible tokens which means each unit is similar to any other. Plus, they’re interchangeable too.

Let’s say you have one ETH (Ethereum). It doesn’t really matter which specific one it is. What matters is that you have your ETH.

But with NFTs, each unit is unique and can be identified immediately. To put it simply, it becomes a bit more special.

To make things easier, let’s use regular currencies as an example. On a daily basis, it isn’t important which unit you have. You likely won’t even care if you have this or that other bill.

What matters is you have one with you.

But if we’re talking about rare coins, that’s a completely different story.

All pennies may have the same standard value. But if you have a rare penny, its value could be worth thousands of dollars. Now if this is the case, you’d likely want to identify the rare penny, right?

What are Play-to-Earn NFT Games?

These types of games merge conventional gaming styles with unconventional gaming mechanisms. It’s to let you have more control with in-game assets such as characters, skins, weapons, and a lot more.

This has become possible by introducing more games on the blockchains then anchoring these with economies that are digital asset-powered. The digital assets are usually NFTs to keep them tamper-proof and discernible.

The endorsement of these NFT token standards let developers preserve the distinctness and rarity of a couple of in-game items. This is the reason why a few blockchain game assets are pricier than others.

With the system set, you can claim ownership of these game assets via three main strategies. One is you can breed/create new characters. The second is to buy digital items via third-party or native marketplaces.

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The last strategy is by unlocking and earning new accessories/items. But no matter which option you choose, you’ll get exclusive ownership rights over these. In essence, you can sell/distribute these, then take all the money made from the trade.

And this is why this type of gaming is called play-to-earn.

The Best NFT Games to Earn This 2021

Just like every up-and-coming and established zone, specific platforms positioned themselves as the primary feature of the NFT gaming world. These titles are in the limelight of the current NFT craze since they’ve successfully mixed NFTs into popular game themes.

So, you get to play some of your most-loved genres while simultaneously engaging with an NFT market that’s profitable. With that, here are the best NFT games for playing to earn in 2021.

3-axies NFT

For each attempt you make to breed a new Axie, you’ll need to pay using a certain number of SLPs. If you’ve run out of these, you can buy them from exchanges.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games today. It heavily borrows from the game series, Pokemon and mixes its own blockchain twist for a fun and exciting feel.

In this Ethereum-based game, your aim is to breed and collect NFT-based digital beings called Axies. The primary purpose of acquiring them is to battle other players.

Each of these Axies has its own genetic imprint. So, the strengths and weaknesses of these Axies will be passed onto their offspring.

Of course, the Axies can be traded on Ethereum NFT marketplaces. And, the price of each Axie all depends on their unique aspects and rareness.

To begin playing Axie Infinity, you’ll need to buy three Axies. For each of the quests, PVP battles (player-versus-player), and adventure you scale, you’ll get SLPs or Smooth Love Potions. SLPs are the native ERC-20 utility token in Axie Infinity, and they’re given out as a reward.

Another ERC-20 token that’s native to the game is the AXS or Axis Infinity Shard. It works as the governance token of the platform and also anchor’s Axie Infinity’s staking service.

The Sandbox 3D

The Sandbox 3D is one of the most active NFT gaming platforms. It’s a voxel-based gaming metaverse where players build and trade virtual assets.

Here, you can manipulate and earn from voxel assets. It’s similar to popular titles like Minecraft and Roblox, but The Sandbox 3D involves a blockchain.

The game offers tools to create and animate objects which you can sell on marketplaces later on. Additionally, you can create and play custom games on The Sandbox 3D.

This platform’s native token is SAND, an ERC-20 token. With this, you can buy in-game items on The Sandbox 3D’s marketplace.

Another token used in the platform is LAND, an NFT token which is some of the most valuable assets present.

vert-sandbox NFT
gamer-w-blue-red-lights NFT


Like Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades’ popularity has soared in the NFT gaming industry. Thus, making it one of the best NFT games for playing to earn.

CryptoBlades is an NFT role-playing game where you can earn SKILL tokens. You obtain these tokens by defeating enemies, staking your gains, and raiding with friends.

The powerful NFT character and weapons you craft can be traded for more tokens on the marketplace. CryptoBlades is easy to play and is similar to Mafia Wars by Zynga, a popular game in the early 2000s.

Plant vs Undead

Plant VS Undead, another play-to-earn NFT game, lets you earn PVU tokens. Entering farm mode allows you to visit other players’ farms to water their plants. By doing this, you can accumulate LE tokens which is the in-game currency.

These tokens can be exchanged for tools, equipment, scarecrows, and more in-game items. You can also exchange LE tokens for PVU tokens that you can cash out.

If you want to use the LE tokens on the marketplace, you can buy seeds and plants.


Ethermon is one of the first blockchain games with interactive NFTs. It allows players to own, use, improve, and profit by utilizing in-game assets.

To play Ethermon, you collect Ether Mons (also called Mons) to participate in various game modes. From there, you can win different prizes. These game modes range from 2D RPG to 3D MMORPG where Mons transform into 3D characters.

NFT Gaming – A Growing Trend

Nowadays, playing to earn is a highly popular movement in the world of gaming. Here, people playing NFT games collect their in-game rewards which they can later convert to real cash.

Technically, this type of cryptocurrency has been around for years. But like we’ve mentioned earlier, it reached great heights in 2019, during the onset of the Coronavirus disease.

This is because of the consecutive lockdowns that rendered millions of people jobless. With that, they’ve become open to earning cash even through NFT gaming.

With the blockchain, the NFT’s record and history of ownership are all kept securely in a digital ledger. This is so players, and not the developers of the game, own all their in-game collections.

What this means is, NFT items present in blockchain-based games can all be moved away from the platform. Then, these can be traded or sold in any available open market.

Benefits of the Application of NFT to Gaming

If you think about it, games are an excellent field for applying NFTs. Why? Because games have continuously dealt with unique digital assets that come in the form of in-game items.

So, including in-game assets to the blockchain therefore offers a couple of benefits to NFT game players. And to give you an idea of what these are, here are the benefits of NFT in games.

Actual Ownership

If you’re a player of these games, you basically own the in-game assets. It’s unlike regular games, where the game developer owns these.

Transparency and Confirmable Scarcity

NFT in games is great since everyone can access certain information. These include the amount of each type of asset and its ownership history.


This is the ability of software or computer systems to exchange and utilize information. These assets are present in independent and free blockchains instead of on the game developer’s servers. With that, they can be included in numerous games.

Security and Immutability

This is probably the best reason to integrate NFT into gaming. With its security and immutability, no matter what, assets can’t be tampered or duplicated with by fraud.

It also can’t be lost whenever your game shuts down for whatever reason.

NFT-matrix-style NFT

Effects of NFT in Games

With how popular NFT gaming has become, it won’t be a surprise if NFTs start changing the video game industry. It’s because these offer players easier access to distinct virtual goods in the digital world.

When you think about it, collecting has always been a passion for a lot of people in “the real world”. And in contrast, collectibles that are digital haven’t really caught up and reached the broader market.

In the past, a lot of digital goods were difficult to own. It’s because in a physical sense, these weren’t exclusive, meaning, these weren’t distinct and were simple to reproduce.

The Help of Blockchain Technology

As a distributed ledger system, the blockchain technology can be the answer. This is because it promotes a level of trust in digital goods. With that, virtual in-game items can be transferred on individual and non-replaceable NFTs that are on immutable blockchains.

It means these can’t be removed on their own, altered, or even withdrawn by the creator. So basically, NFTs can ensure a certain level of ownership to the players of these NFT games.

Also, the market can determine a particular value in these NFTs. So at some point, players can acquire these just by playing the games available.

This kind of development comes with a couple of Intellectual Property concerns which the gaming industry will need to face.

The Versatile NFTs

Now, you shouldn’t think that NFTs are just digital counterparts of analogue collectible cards. They’re definitely more than that.

Since they’re digital goods, these can transform over time and have diversified uses. And because of their flexibility for their owner’s benefit, NFTs have brought about a certain level of excitement to everyone.

You can use these as a form of passport or as an avatar to exhibit your fandom. If not, you can utilize these to profit from any special features of the NFT items that are in games.

NFTs and Market Value

NFTs are pretty cool since they can acquire market value too. Plus, the value can even increase over time, which is something everyone can look forward to.

Let’s use the game “Legend of Zelda” as an example. A magical sword in this game can be offered as an NFT. If it has special attributes that will enhance its properties with continued use, it’ll surely become a rare/unique collectible.

These types of special items can establish a more individual and exciting gaming experience while boosting the quality of games. And compared to analogue trading cards, these are static and can’t level up or evolve. Plus, these can even wear out through continuous use during gameplay.

Other Possibilities for the NFT’s

The gaming industry is also thinking of going for specific cross-game uses of NFTs. With that, NFTs shouldn’t continue depending on a single game. Thus, they can continue using their collected NFTs in other games as well.

For NFTs in the game Minecraft, players can move their special shovels to their other favorite games present on Roblox. This will allow games to be more independent. This is because NFTs from a specific original game have individual effects on the story/gameplay of other game titles.

Despite these, the NFTs in video games have yet to mature. In terms of numbers when it comes to players and sales, NFT games have yet to compete with popular games. Some of the big titles we can name include FIFA and COD (Code of Duty).

In the future, more complex and challenging NFT games can start appearing. So, NFTs may eventually appear in current popular games which is something to look forward to.

The company “WAX” is one example. It’s a blockchain infrastructure service provider that’s teaming up with the gaming industry’s established rights-holders.

Here, WAX is making NFTs for distinct axes in World of Warcraft, as well as new skins for Fortnite. Both WAX and rights-holders benefit from each trade of the available NFTs cards.

Not only that, but players can get these special items with a certain value of their own. This will enhance the gaming experience while letting them profit from the bigger functions of their in-game collection.

Summing up

It’s great to see blockchain allowing users to earn tokens through various games. A lot of people anticipate that as the NFT gaming industry grows, new games will be released for everyone to enjoy. Of course, for a lot of people to earn as well.

Play-to-earn NFT games are definitely an excellent way to bring fun into your crypto earning experience. So if you’re interested in trying out any of the games we mentioned, do so and enjoy while earning too.

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